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Notice: All competition horses must be micro-chipped by Dec 1, 2017!

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~June 2017~

ECEVS Welcomes Dr. Jill Deets to the Team

We are excited to announce Dr. Jillian Deets as Associate Veterinarian at ECEVS, Dr. Jill will officially join ECEVS on June 26, 2017. We look forward to having Dr. Jill as a member of the ECEVS Team.

Welcome to ECEVS Dr. Jill!

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~October 2016~

Job Opening – Veterinary Technician

East Coast Equine Veterinary Service is seeking an exceptional individual to join our practice as a Veterinary Technician. East Coast Equine is an ambulatory equine veterinary practice containing state- of- the-art equipment and technology. We stand for excellence in all that we do. Our doctors and staff are exceptional, hard- working, organized, and committed to providing the best care and products possible for our customers. Be part of our TEAM!

This position is a full-time position with seasonal variation. From mid-March to November, this position will require 40-55 hours per week. Overtime compensation provided. Late fall and into the winter, hours are reduced to meet the slower seasonal demand of our business (approximately 20-30 hours per week). Candidates must be a highly motivated, skilled, and horse competent. As a Veterinary Technician, the main duties will consist of assisting medical procedures, ultrasonography, radiography, restraining patients, running and maintaining lab equipment, client relations, stocking ambulatory vehicles, and counting inventory. Certification is preferred by not required. Salary commensurate with experience. If interested, please send resume to our Practice Manager Jill at


This years ECEVS Scholarship Recipients Announced! Read More about it HERE!!!

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~April 2016~

East Coast Equine ~ Warren County Farmers Fair

Equine Scholarship Application Now Available!

East Coast Equine is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the $500 Equine scholarship at the 2016 Warren County Farmers Fair. The scholarship will be awarded for an Applicant with a local English riding or Western riding background that has actively participated in showing at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair Horse Show. The scholarship will be awarded on Monday, August 1, 2016. Application Deadline July 15, 2016!!!

Please download the Application for more information.

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~February 2016~

East Coast Equine is proud to announce that we now offer Gastroscopy!

Do you suspect your horse has gastric ulcers?

With the use of our portable video endoscope we can perform gastroscopy under mild sedation right at your farm! Our scope provides visualization of the esophagus, stomach, and proximal duodenum (beginning of the small intestine). This state-of-the-art technology provides the best quality for thorough examinations. The video endoscope projects the image onto a computer monitor so the veterinarian is able to point out areas of concern to the owner or trainer.

For more information on video gastroscopy visit our Services page.

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~November 2015~

Place your Holiday First Aid Kit order by November 30th for pick up December 18th.
First Aid kits are available by Pre-Order ONLY!
Order yours today!!!

First Aid Box Flyer

Click above Flyer to view for more details

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~October 2015~

This years ECEVS Scholarship Recipients Announced! Read More about it HERE!!!


Lecture Series at ECEVS

ECEVS proudly presents “The Importance of Equine Vaccinations” featuring guest lecturer Dr. Crisman from Zoetis. “Deworming Protocol and Parasite Resistance” lecture featuring ECEVS’s own Dr. Andrea Butterfield.

Join us at Carousel Farms in Augusta for a night of education.

Snacks and refreshments provided.

>>>RSVP via Facebook or call 908-852-1300.

Hope to see you there!”

Date: October 22, 2015
Time: 5-8pm
Location: Carousel Farms 8 Linn Smith Road, Augusta, NJ

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~August 2015~


Comprehensive Evaluation Service Includes:

Easy to read forage Analysis.
Horse Assessments: Weight Measurement, Body Condition Scoring, Topline Evaluation.

Feed Assessment and Recommendation: Full report and feeding recommendation provided by your veterinarian.

No matter what your horse’s job is, correct and balanced nutrition is a critical component to their health and well-being. A science-based diet and practical feeding practices can help your horse maximize their genetic potential, optimize their health and allow them to perform at the top of their game.

Don’t miss out on our introductory offer of 15% when you schedule your Nutritional Evaluation to be performed at the time Fall vaccines are administered.

Offer valid September 1-October 31, 2015.

Click Here
to View/Download/Print Flyer

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~July 2015~

**Sussex County Horse Show Scholarship Program**

ECEVS is proud to return as a 2015 Sussex County Horse Show Scholarship Program Sponsor. The Horse Show Committee will hand out three (3) $500 scholarships this year.

The 3 Scholarship categories are:
•One (1) scholarship to be awarded to an Applicant with a local English riding background.
•One (1) scholarship to be awarded to an Applicant with a local Western riding background.
•One (1) scholarship which will be open to a local or non-local Applicant with an equine background who has participated in showing at the Sussex County Horse Show.

Click Here to read about last years recipient.

Applications are due Friday 7/31/2015 !

Click Here to Download/Print Application

**Equine Emergency Rescue Techniques**

East Coast Equine Veterinary Service & the New Jersey Veterinary Management Association (NJVMA) are proud to announce that Roger Lauze will be at the New Jersey State Fair on August 6th 2015.

Roger will be providing mini-demonstrations on equine emergency rescue techniques in the horse show grounds.

Here is some information about Roger and his training program:

⦁ Roger’s training focuses on extrication of horses from emergency situations. Roger provides emergency transport for the Fair Hill Three Day Event at Fair Hill MD, the Rolex Three Day Event in Lexington, KY and the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY.
⦁ His full training course includes hands on training scenarios including highway accidents, stall extractions, horse down on top of rider, Anderson and UC Davis sling lifts plus extrication from under cross country event fences or ravines and streams.
⦁ Participants extricate and transport a 550 pound, rubber, articulated horse named Lucky.

Please join us at the ECEVS tent on August 6th. We will be scheduling groups of 8 for one hour sessions.

If you would like to sign-up please email

Local Emergency Responders are encouraged to attend.

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~April 2015~

Staff News at ECEVS…

We regret to announce that Dr. Jesslyn Bryk-Lucy has decided to leave ECEVS and pursue a career with the US Department of Agriculture. Her last day with us is April 15th. She will be missed by clients and staff alike. We wish Jesslyn the best of luck in her future endeavors as she embarks on this new chapter in her career.

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~February 2015~

Exciting Treatment News at ECEVS!

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)! Shock wave therapy uses high-energy sound waves that penetrate through soft tissue at customized depths to reduce lameness, increase mobility and relieve pain in animals.

Shock wave has been clinically-proven to treat such conditions as osteoarthritis, tendon/ligament injuries, bone fractures, back pain and wounds. We use the VersaTron focused shock wave technology, considered the gold standard in this treatment. With 1-3 treatments, shock wave stimulates healing to return horses to sound condition.


For more information call the office at 908-852-1300

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~January 2015~

New products added to ECEVS treatment arsenal!


Tildren is administered intravenously and can be done in the field. Tildren consists of Tiludronic acid, a bisphosphonate which inhibits bone resorption. It is used to treat lameness in horses caused by bone spavin (hock arthritis), back pain, and navicular disease. In a normal horse, bone is continuously being remodeled by bone breaking down and rebuilding. This process allows for adaptation to mechanical stresses that horses encounter in their everyday work/play activities. Cells that rebuild bone (osteoblasts) are produced at a slower rate than cells that resorb the bone (osteoclasts) resulting in bone that becomes less dense in areas subject to physical stress. The less dense bone or osteolysis is a painful condition. Tildren works by regulating bone remodeling in cases where too much resorption occurs. It activates osteoblasts and reduces osteoclasts, thus allowing for denser bones in the high stress areas. Tildren may be re-administered every 6 months as needed.


OSPHOS is administered by an intramuscular injection. This injectable bisphosphonate is administered for the control of clinical signs associated with Navicular Syndrome. OSPHOS inhibits bone resorption by binding to calcium phosphate crystals (inhibiting their formation and dissolution) and by exerting direct cellular effects on osteoclasts. OSPHOS may be re-administered every 3-6 months depending on patient response.

confidence eqConfidence EQ

Do you have a horse that doesn’t load on the trailer? Maybe a horse that is difficult to handle when to handle during farrier visits? Not so confident in his training? Is he/she nervous or anxious in new situations? Confidence EQ is a new product that can help reduce the stress of both horse and handler. This product is a synthetic equine Appeasing Pheromone (EAP) that replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Confidence EQ speaks to horses in a language they instinctually understand. Administration requires no needles! Simply apply a single packet of gel on the nostrils of the horse 30 minutes prior to a stressful event. The application may induce the Flehman response. This response facilitates the pheromone entering the Vomeronasal organ. The response can last up to 2.5 hours and can be reapplied as needed. Contact the office for more information and to purchase Confidence EQ.

Wiser Concepts Veterinary Formula Supplement

Looking for a quality supplement for you horse(s)? We recommend Kentucky Performance Products “Wiser Concepts” Veterinary Formulas. Go to and check out the excellent selection of targeted action supplements offered. Sold only through your veterinarian or by prescription, you can get these quality products two ways; directly through us at East Coast Equine, or by ordering on-line with a prescription code that one of our veterinarians can provide.

Wiser Concepts
Wiser Concepts supplements are scientifically formulated, research-proven, and manufactured in certified facilities using quality ingredients. Your ECEVS veterinarians can help you determine what supplements will benefit your horse and how to use them effectively and safely.

Wiser Concepts products include:

  • BoneWise to maintain strong, resilient bones, and support optimal bone remodeling and density.
  • ElectrolyteWise stimulates the thirst response so horses keep drinking.
  • Elevate W.S. natural vitamin E supplement used to support normal muscle and nerve cell function.
  • Elevate Concentrate natural vitamin E powder 2-3 times more potent than synthetic Vitamin E supports normal muscle, nerve cell function, and immune system.
  • G.I. Wise Maintains a healthy digestive tract, reducing the incidence of colic, diarrhea, laminitis, and ulcers.
  • FootWise provides the nutrients needed to build and maintain healthy skin, hair coat, and hoof tissues.
  • JointWise a complete joint supplement that supports normal cartilage growth, healthy levels of synovial fluid, and the regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • NutrientWise is a vitamin and mineral supplement for overall health.
  • ProbioticWise is a concentrated source of both prebiotics and probiotics
  • Weightgain Wise is a concentrated blend of calorie-dense fat.

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